JC Hill

JC Hill
"Country Music Excellence"

Left home at 14 because of a bad homelife, travelled thru-out the south and southwest for over 10 years working odd jobs anywhere I could find one. Gained a very deep love for country/roots/americana music and the people of the south and southwest. Now I write about my life then and now and perform everywhere I can......

Too old to get famous.............but still cool: by JC Hill - genre: CountryAlternative
Around the turn of the century I had a cd was getting a ton of radio play at college radio stations. I had a manager at the time, he wanted me to tour to back up the cd.  Well, at the time I had a great paying job, a young daughter in school and just bought a house. To say the least I couldn't go on tour, my manager was so upset he quit. So I quit playing music and raised my daughter and stayed happily married. My daughter is now grown and married, my wife passed six years ago. About 3 years ago I decided I really missed playing music. So I started practicing 7 days a week about 8 hrs. a day trying to get back what I had lost or forgotten. About a year and a half ago I started performing at open mic nights everywhere I could find one. I received tremendous audience response everywhere I went. Come Feb. 2019 I started performing at my own shows and have performed over 60 shows since then. This song is about all of that............

"I've been to Texas" by JC Hill - genre: country
I lived in and travelled thru Texas quite a bit when I was younger. This song is about my love for the great state of Texas.

“Thinkin back”by JC Hill - genre: CountryAlternative
I was a very lonely child, very overweight and didn’t have many friends. I used to sit on a hill and belt out songs I made up. Helped me thru a tough time in my life. This song is about that time…………….

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