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"Music Excellence"

Montasia is a new edm pop duo featuring singer/songwriter/producer Chris Emerson, and hip-hop producer, Donald Poole.

Longtime friends, the two have developed a unique style which is a culmination of their shared musical diversity. They've been co-writing and producing for years, ever since a chance meeting at Berklee College of Music. The songs may vary in style and tempo, but you always know it's MONTASIA.

No stranger to commercial radio, Emerson's solo work has spun 3 top 30 Billboard hits at AC radio in the mid 2000's and was featured in Dawson's Creek and the short lived series, Scrubs. As such, look for remakes like 'My Love Is Alive' by Gary Wright, and 'Sunny' by Bobby Hebb, both done in the same infectious reggaepop s...


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