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Volker Milch

VOLKER MILCH opens a new chapter in 2019: After three years of Electropop Duo Chris starts the project "VOLKER MILCH Solo": The music moves predominantly in the genre of indiepop and is shaped electronically. But also guitar sounds find more entry into the music. VOLKER MILCH relies on English-speaking sample parts predominantly female singers. VOLKER MILCH was founded in 2015 by two friends as an electropop duo. Music has always been a connecting element for the two friends. VOLKER MILCH was initially characterized by the electronic music of the 80s.


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The music of VOLKER MILCH can be classified in the genre Indiepop. It is often danceable, melancholic or dark and sometimes experimental. There are often trips to related genres. On the 10th of June 2021 the new single will be released: „Why Don’t You Understand“ is a danceable indiepop Synth-Track with rock guitar elements. This was the ninth single: The older songs found their lovers on various radio stations and on streaming portals. The single "Emotion" is the most successful so far: Currently, the song has on Spotify over 13k streams. As an electropop duo Hauke and Chris released the albums "Lautlos" and "Endlich". The albums are still available on bandcamp as CD‘s. The two decoupled singles "Unschlagbar" and „Dunkelheit (Ich lass Dich nicht los)“ found a place in the playlists of several internet radio stations and were presented in the newcomer show "WDR2 Pop", a radiostation with daily 3,3 million listeners.

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