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Carrie Cleveland - Queen Of Soul


Carrie Cleveland was an Oakland resident and regular performer at hotels and clubs around the San Francisco Bay area in the 1970's. Her first recording is also considered her best. It was a self-produced promotional 45rpm record featuring "Make Love To Me" on Side A and "I Need Love" on Side B. Both songs were written by her husband, Bill Cleveland. These recordings were later commercially released as a 45 but were remastered with an electronic keyboard that is generally considered too loud and less soulful than the original, making the promo much more desirable. Carrie Cleveland released an LP titled "Looking Up" which also contained her single, "Make Love To Me" this time with a disconnected and produced reggae sound. The original promo version of "Make Love To Me" is also featured on the compilation "Gilles Peterson Digs America Vol. 2"

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