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The Golden Mantis are the Mannheim musicians Silvia Subosco and Roger Münzenmayer. In December 2019 their first songs "Red Wave" and "The Fountain" were released on Soundcloud. Both made it into the "new and hip" charts of the music platform at the first go. "Red Wave" reached the second place and "The Fountain" was even at number 1 for two weeks.

The band's first regular single, "To Die In Winter", released at the end of February 2020, has so far received more than 140 radio appearances worldwide. The second single "Disturb" also got off to a successful start with 50 radio appearances in the first three weeks. Both songs can be found on the recently released album "The Golden Mantis".

Golden Mantis songs are a unique melange. Classical singer/songwriter meets Indie Rock, Neapolitan Folk and 80s New Wave. The sound of the debut album is carried by the unmistakable soft and deep voice of Silvia Subosco, her extraordinary melody leading and a melancholic basic mood. All songs are written, composed, arranged and produced by her and Roger Münzenmayer.

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