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With their debut single "Queen Kong" only being released 5 months ago, British rockers SkyQuaker got busy quick and have delivered us their impressive follow up single "Thank God for Rock and Roll" in record time. We hope you will join us in celebrating the bands sentiment of gratitude; remembrance; and the spreading joy and appreciation through the art of rock and roll in these dark times.

Aurora Eclipse Productions Ltd invite you into a new, multidimensional world and take great pleasure in introducing the world (literally) to our latest signed act, SkyQuaker.

To the uninitiated, SkyQuaker seems a straight forward rock act. However, upon deeper investigation this could not be further from the truth. SkyQuaker reveals itself as an intense, boundary breaking Avant-garde group whose music is seemingly rooted in Punk, Classical, Hard Rock, Metal, Cinematic, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Dub Reggae and beyond. The more we hear their demos, the depth of fusion, ideas and concepts is seemingly endless. This is something we are somewhat enthusiastic about and Mike can’t wait for an opportunity to contribute musically himself.

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Steve Hope-Wynne in 2018

We are hoping SkyQuaker’s multi-genre, fusion music will be of interest in Eastern and Western audiences alike; it conveys visual and complex musical forms as the tracks deploy movie-theatre soundscapes, complex atmospherics, voice-over dialogues and spinning 3D sound-effects, swirling vortexes of pounding guitars and vocal wails.

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