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With their debut album, Sounds Of Berlin, just unveiled, hard rock outfit, Rainium has brought a potent teaser to its arrival with the release of its title track as their new single, a song embracing familiar flavours to its own distinct melodic rock breast while suggesting that the band’s first album is well worth checking out.

Formed across 2017 moving into its successor, Rainium is the brainchild of German guitarist Rainer Krenzke. Linking up with vocalist Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanovo, ex-Bonfire), the pair were soon writing and embarking on demo recording sessions together before enlisting fellow countryman and bassist Marco Tardanico (ELA) and British lead guitarist Jay Parmar to the project’s line-up. The latter is no newcomer to The RR, we having been hooked on his craft through his solo album, Circle Of Fire, seven years back and subsequent ventures within bands such as Eden’s Curse, Iron Knights, and The Inner Road. Fair to say his presence added extra spice to our checking out Sounds Of Berlin and embracing its reward loaded enterprise.

Immediately the single shares its breeding and infectious nature, guitars and rhythms strolling with a spirited demeanour matched by Voss’ voice. Classic hard rock nurtured riffs and hooks continue to align to crisp beats and the magnetic throb of the bass, the track persistent in its catchy gait and breath.

Though it maybe lacks a certain snarl, the song is rich in melodic prowess and moments of potent unpredictability, the striking solo endeavour of Parmar icing on the cake as it lays down a thoroughly enjoyable invitation to the band’s first full-length.

Sounds Of Berlin, single and album are out now

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