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HOLLYWOOD NIGHTMARE is a 5 piece act based out of Hollywood California.
In October of 2016, Scott (lead Guitar) and Marcus Menace (Original vocalist) created the band and came up with the bands name as a way of expressing where they live, and the chaos that ensues in Hollywood. Thus give the vibe of a nightmare.
Since most of the members come from different countries/states, Hollywood was definitely a big surprise to all of them.
Scott from Korea, Rafal from Poland, Kyle from Denver, Jesse from Canada, and Luke the only member from Los Angeles. All of the members soon came to see that the bands name was very fitting for them.
Scary AF
In late 2016 the two members had began writing material in order to get the band moving.
One track that was recorded in this time was “Influence For Confidence”.
This was the first song to be released as a single and was the first music video shot for the band, but then followed up with their song “Moving on” which came with its own video as well.

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Kyle Davies Vocal

Jesse Korkola (Jonny) Guitar

Scott Mik Guitar

Luke Nightmare  Drums

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