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KAY BURDEN Kay Burden is a passionate singer and songwriter who can ‘think’ and ‘feel’ with her music. In her songs, she loves to combine slightly melancholic but very catchy melodies with very emotional, intense and poetic lyrics.
As an artist who has trained her voice with various coaches, Kay has been lead singer of a number of bands across Germany and who is now collaborating with artists from all over the world. In reviews she is often named in same breath as YAZOO, Terri Nunn (Berlin).
It was her love of electronic music of the 80s (especially Depeche Mode, Erasure, Anne Clark and OMD) that brought her to work on German BSC project (09/18 – 06/19), which subsequently led to a collaboration with award winning English electro artist and producer Mark Kendrick of ‚Fused‘.
Their joint single „Tear me to pieces“ (07/19) and the following collab track „Never“ (09/19) with Scottish artist Jigsaw Sequence have been very well received in the underground radio and indie electronic music scene. In March 2020 Kay was featured as guest singer on the brilliant new Version of the 80s classic „TV News“ by Stereo in Solo (Paris) remixed by Mystic Experience (Suisse).
She is currently working on new promising projects and is planning to perform live as soon as possible!


 Kay Burden with All Star Motivator Title: Mother Earth (Is Burning) Release Date: 8th May, 2020 German singer & songwriter Kay Burden has joined forces with Pink Dolphin Music’s label boss (and songwriter/producer) Rich James to bring you a stunning SynthPop charity single complete with a whole host of remixes from their peers. Mother Earth (Is Burning) was written as a response to natural disaster with an eye on climate change. Whether it be the threat of COVID-19 or the destruction of the Australian bush fires, this song will resonate. Lyrics and melody were written and sung by Kay, with All Star Motivator providing the backing music and production duties. All profits from the sale and streaming of this single will be donated to MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (Doctors Without Borders). It will be available in all the usual places including from 8th May. Remixes come from artists and producers such as Melodywhore, Screamershock, Some-E, Plike and more alongside the full-length Original Mix and shortened Radio Edit versions by Kay and All Star Motivator.

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