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Phillip Jarrell

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From 1974 to 1977, I was a staff writer at the Muscle Shoals Sound Music company. I wrote songs for the Muscle Shoals Swampers. That’s where I met Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary, and together we wrote a song called “Torn Between Two Lovers”, recorded by Mary MacGregor. It became #1 on the Billboard Charts, in 1977.
Shortly thereafter I released an album on Motown Records “I Sing My Songs For You” and a single “ I’m Dying”.
In 1978, I produced a solo album for 20th Century Fox Records, which was never officially released, but can be found for sale around the internet.
In 1979, I produced a punk band, The Lurkers. Their album "God’s Lonely Men" and "Out In The Dark” EP. "Cyanide” also on their greatest hits compilation "Last Will And Testament", released by Beggars Banquet Records
In 1982 I put the guitars in storage, took my camera in hand, and pursued other forms of artistic expression.
I think of it as a self-imposed rock & roll exile.
I shot fashion photography and lived in Milano, Hamburg, Paris, and New York. Moved to Shanghai in 2001. That’s a lot of time, but I never stopped hearing music in my dreams and I continued to perform live shows from time to time.
I designed and produced guitars, for my own brand, Jarrell Guitars.
Shot Sony Music CD covers, and Rolling Stones concerts.
Photographed 72 magazine covers, and had The Rock and Roll Art Journey” exhibition, of my Fine Art Photography, Hand Made Guitars, and Celebrity Magazine cover in art shows and in the Humanistic Museum here in Shanghai.
Even headlined the Zhu Jia Jiao Music Festival in 2016 with my 11 piece band, The Little Dragon Symphony.
All these things in order to stay close to the music. Keeping it all in the family.

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