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Deep Fried

Single - "Just Enough" From The

Album - Love Disease

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Coming out of Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada, we’ve been around since the 80s delivering good driving music with a bit of a retro rock vibe. Most of our influences are from a great era in music and we get compared to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, and Van Halen.

It all started when Kevin Salter and Billy Pepper randomly met at a local music store back in 1984. They started playing music together with hopes to form a band. And luckily, they met up with another local duo that was making some music of their own. Jamie Lavier would join as the singer and Jeff Murphy took up the bass guitar. Scott Atkins, also from Smiths Falls, would join the band for their most recent project.


The studio album “Love Disease” has been well received by music fans young and old. The recent radio play is really cool too :)

Love Disease Cover v1_3.webp
Jamie Lavier
Billy Pepper
Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Kevin Salter
Rhythm Guitar
Jeff Murphy
Bass, Backup Vocals
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