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Patrick James

"Unite Together"

The message this song brings is so important in the world today!! Hope this can bring us all one step closer to being united as one..... Let's love one another with peace, caring and friendship!! Please give thanks to all the front line men and women risking their lives for our safety . Special Thanks to...
Bruce Kulick - Lead Guitar KISS, Grand Funk Railroad , The Union, Blackjack

Tod Howarth - Vocals, Guitar- Cheap Trick, 707, Ted Nugent, Frehleys Comet , Four By Fate 

Ronny Jones - Lead Guitar Cocoa Blue- Phenomenon -Aircraft- Black Bambi

Richie Scarlet - Lead Guitar,Vocals, Ace Frehley ,Mountain, Sebastian Bach, Alice Cooper, Chubby Checker, Charlie Grace

Madison Vandenburg - Vocals , American Idol

Tayla Rees- Vocals

Randy Pasquarella - Vocals, If I were You, I the fire  Louie  Spagnola - Vocals, Richie Scarlet Band

Sandy Gennaro - Drums Shaker, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett , The Monkees, Pat Travers , Blackjack,
Patrick James Band Nashville 

Mike Sciotto - Drums,Vocals , Jefferson Starship , Duncan ,From the Fire, Ray Gillen , Patrick James Band 

Rick Mullen-Bass,Vocals, Commander Cody , Van Morrison, Don McLean, Savoy Brown Vince Martel 

Nick Seagar , Benny Mardones , Katrina Chester ,Patrick James Band 

Leigh Evans - Keys,Vocals, Patrick James Band Rusty Park - Pedal Steel, Patrick James Band Peter Gallinari - Hammond B3, Richie Scarlet , Leslie West

 Patrick James Band Nashville Unite Together Written and Produced By Pat Gasperini © 2020 PJM Records/TheOrchard Engineered Mix and Mastered by Randy Pasquarella 
Video Edit by RossMedia-- 

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